I nominate Josh Rodriguez, Lynmarie Vega, and Jeisson Apolo-Armas.
My mother sucks with recording.

So my sister just did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge…and made the mistake of having our mother record it. The woman didn’t even capture the astounding moment when I lifted that gargantuan bucket and poured 10+ gallons of ice-filled water in one fell swoop, nor the moment when it spilled perfectly over my sister like a waterfall and she ran to the street screaming for dear life begging mother nature to warm her soul. Nope, our mother didn’t capture any of it. Instead, my dear sister is stuck with a video of herself shivering, soaked to the core, standing next to a large empty bucket surrounded by melting ice pieces, angrily nominating people.

And I’m one of those people.

Best believe I’m not having Mom record that shit tomorrow!

What’s fucked is I intended to watch Dead Poets Society today to have a good cry. Now, I’m obviously crying for very fucking different reasons.


I am legit drunk. I hope I have a hangover tomorrow morning ‘cause I love first experiences. I’m even more surprise and ecstatic that it’s with Ariel, but fucking Hell I AM DRUNK!! FUCK YEAH!! I am past tipsy. This is a legit accomplishment. Yaaaaaaassssss.