I stay in my room for a reason.
My room is where I feel the most comfortable. It’s where I feel safe. No one judges me in there. As soon as I leave my room, shit happens, I get yelled at and jumped on or something and I retreat. Whenever I stay over people’s houses, they always have to make me come out of their rooms. I feel like a target for questions and judgment. I think the only house I’ve been at that I feel comfortable at outside the room is Audrey’s house. Can’t really explain why. Maybe because there’s a baby there? Takes the attention off me? I really don’t know. But for now, I’ll be in my room.

Funny, I actually feel the same way in my house where my room is my sanctuary and the rest is a battlefield. Yet, you find contentment in my household, where I sadly won’t be able to take you to soon (unless you don’t mind an intense bike ride). On the bright side, yaaassss to zen bedrooms!


agapimeni-faunus asked:

write ten facts about yourself then pass this onto ten of your favorite followers

1. I have a cat. His name’s Oliver, but he responds to Kitty ‘cause, well, he’s my Kitty! And there’s a long story involving his gender being mislabeled, so instead of name-bouncing we called him Kitty.

2. I have two dogs. My shih tzu, Max, and new German Shepherd, SashaWell, technically Max is my sister’s and Sasha’s my mom’s, but I take care of them and they respect me so bleh.

3. I volunteer for the Romeoville Humane Society. Specifically, I take care of the cats they rescue, currently located at Petco, twice a week. I want to adopt them all, but Kitty would hate sharing me.

4. I ‘work’ at a horse ranch. Or rather, it started out as me volunteering since I missed being there (took lessons last year that I can no longer afford), and has now turned into me learning about and riding horses in exchange for lending a hand. It’s fucking awesome.

5. I still don’t have a license. I got a permit again to try to practice, but no one close seems to have time to help me. So I take the bus and/or ride my bike to get to places. Speaking of which…

6. All my bike accidents have happened in ‘safe zones.’ In other words, I’ve never been injured riding on a busy four lane road with trucks speeding less than a foot from me. But in a parking lot? BAM! Dude backing out. Residential street? BOOM! Blind lady passed the stop sign. On a fucking sidewalk? SWOOSH! Flipped over something…still don’t know what. Though I know why it happened.

7. I have a lot of scars. Mostly minor injuries, but all have a story (granted, I don’t remember some). Not ashamed of showing them and don’t care if they bother people. In fact, I actually find people with scars to be an attractive characteristic. It just peaks my curiosity of what caused them and entices me to get to know that person. Same with tattoos.

8. I have sucky people skills. Once in a while, I do click with certain individuals and hit it off well. But most of the time, I’m quite awkward and end up rather quiet, sometimes even with close friends. Though, compared to when I was a child, I’ve improved drastically.

9. I prefer other animals over humans. An obvious fact, but one nonetheless.

10. I’m tired. Sorry, it’s late and my brain is glitching. Plus, I’m too lazy to think of another fact.

It’s such a comforting yet terrifying feeling to know I have women in my life who care about me like a mother, yet they’re not my blood.

Just once…

…I would love for plans to actually go according to plan. I get circumstances happen, but must they come up at the last minute?


It seems the failed back-up plan turned into a great plan.



So I was having this really hot dream about an imaginary lady who was simply WONDERFUL and absolutely GORGEOUS, I made it my objective to get with her. You wanna know what happens when I finally kiss her and reach under her shirt? MY FUCKING ALARM GOES OFF!!


Then once I shut it off and tried to go back to sleep, I could not return to the dream. I couldn’t even recreate this woman in my head, so she is gone forever… I’m already not looking forward to today.